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FH Faunteroy Community Enrichment Center is Washington DC’s first Resilience Hub, as defined by the ‘Urban Sustainability Director’s Network’. Our resilience hub is called the ‘Resilience Incubator @ FH Faunteroy Center’. The Resilience Incubator is a safety net and trusted location for community advocacy, uplifting individuals, and building community capacity through the self-determination. The organization is led by the principles of human centered equity and inclusion, which focuses on building resilience and creating sustainable outcomes in collaboration with the community, individuals, and public & private entities. Services and programs are intergenerational and embedded in environmental literacy. Our programmatic values are centered around the four E’s: Excellence, Education, Enrichment, and Exposure


Sometimes, we have to go back to the basics to move forward. Our educational programming centers around supporting our youth in school and adult/family literacy classes that enhance their successes in workforce development career pathways, better health/wellness, and community engagement.


If you know what lies 10 miles beyond your house, 50 miles, 100 miles, and beyond – consider yourself VERY lucky. Quite a number of the community members we serve are under-exposed to what lies beyond their neighborhoods. Our youth programming is especially focused on exposing our youth to what lies beyond the possibilities of their neighborhoods not only in location but careers to enable economic mobility. Exposure we believe is an extremely important ingredient towards reducing youth violence.


Another key ingredient towards reducing youth violence is to provide programming that enhances and enriches day-to-day experiences of youth and families. Simple programming around environmental literacy, which exposes community members of all ages to the richness and treasures that surrounds them, from the Anacostia river to beaver dams! Enrichment can also be in terms of the youth STEAM programming, chest club, adult hand-dancing, yoga, story-telling, and collective experiences such as a sit-down family style dinner.


Our motto is “Excellence not Perfection” we focus on delivering excellent experiences, being an excellent community partner, and propagating the values of excellence with our staff. In turn we expect the youth to show up as they are willing to tap and develop the best part of themselves, we want adults, seniors and families to bring their excellence, talents, and brilliance to the table to that we can all benefit while we strive for excellence in all we undertake!